Our travel guide to visit Barbaste


An ancient medieval town located in the Pays d’Albret in Lot-et-Garonne, Barbaste is, like most of the towns in Gascony, a town steeped in history. During your stay in the Landes, tourism in Barbaste is an ideal stopover for history lovers and lovers of Lot-et-Garonne. 

What to do in Barbaste?

Here are a few monuments that you must visit. You don’t need a tourist guide to discover the city and the visit can be done in 1 to 2 days.

The city’s flagship monument: the Barbaste mill

Romanesque Barbaste bridge and Henri IV mill
The Barbaste mill, the city’s flagship attraction

Also known as the “Moulin Henri IV” or “Moulin des 4 Tours”, this wheat mill dating from the end of the 13th century is the flagship monument of the village. Located on the right bank of the river Gélise, this mill served as a stopover for King Henri of Navarre when he went hunting with his court.

A true jewel of a bygone era, this mill is one of the many medieval monuments that you can find in Gascony and around the town of Nérac.

To see: the Romanesque bridge

Located a few metres from the Barbaste mill, the Romanesque bridge crosses the Gélise and connects the mills of the 4 towers to the rest of the town.

Don’t be fooled by its misleading name. It is not a Roman bridge! Its date of construction is disputed. Some believe that the bridge was built after the mill, while others think it was built beforehand. In any case, this bridge has no connection with the Roman Empire.

Since 1960, the Barbaste bridge has been classified as a historical monument and every year some 3000 tourists cross it to discover the Henri IV mill.

The Gélise, the Romanesque bridge and the city of Barbaste.
Romanesque bridge of Barbaste and the bucolic banks of the Gélise River

Leisure activities in the city

In addition to its monuments relating to history, the city of Barbaste offers various activities with the Cape Cauderoue which provides :

  • tree climbing routes for all levels of ability
  • a laser game
  • horse riding
  • canoe trips
  • archery ranges
  • a human catapult
  • mountain bike circuits
  • paths for barefoot walking

In addition to its many activities, the 18-hole Albret golf course is just a few kilometres away. For sports enthusiasts, Gascony offers a nice circuit with nearby estates where you can stay.

When to travel to Barbaste?

There is no really ideal time to travel to Barbaste, summer or winter, the city is pleasant to discover.

However, in the high season (July and August), the crowds are greater and the population doubles from around 1500 to 3000 people.


On Barbaste and its surroundings, you can stay close to the Landes forest and enjoy all the activities there. With its bed and breakfast and holiday rentals, the town is in a position to welcome tourists who come to spend their stay in the Landaise region.

In Barbaste, no luxury hotels! In this New-Aquitaine village, you will rather find bed and breakfast or holiday rentals at affordable prices.

  • Chambre d’hôtes Moulin des Tours: the Moulin des 4 tours has been renovated into a bed and breakfast. Count from 88€ for one night for 2 adults.
  • Les bastides du Golf d’Albret: the establishment features a private swimming pool and fully-equipped flats. The price is approximately €70/night for 2 adults.
  • Le domaine du Golf Resort: if you want to spend your holiday in the south-west while playing golf, this establishment with 2 swimming pools and 2 tennis courts should please you. The price is approximately 65€/night for 2 people.

Where to eat in Barbaste?

For those who wish to discover the local cuisine or for the more gourmet, whether in town or around Barbaste, there are several restaurants worth a visit.

  • La Venitia: in a warm and relaxed atmosphere, the restaurant offers exquisite Italian specialities!
  • La Terrasse du Green: the restaurant located on the Albret golf course offers gourmet and authentic cuisine that will please those looking for fresh and quality products.
  • La Chaumière d’Albret: located in a large green park, the restaurant offers traditional cuisine at affordable prices.
  • Le Moulin des Saveurs: this semi-gastronomic restaurant is just a few metres from the Moulin des Tours guest room and offers both “contemporary and personal” dishes.

How to get to Barbaste?

From Agen, Barbaste is only 35 km away. Easily accessible by car, the town is crossed by several departmental roads: the D930, the D108, the D109 and the D258.

By car, it takes about twenty minutes to reach the small town from Agen.