Things to do around Agen with Kids


Between history and poetry, Agen is a book open to travellers from all horizons. Its medieval streets proudly display their half-timbered facades. Other corbelled houses are the sign of a past rich in architecture. The Garonne, since ancient times, surrounds Agen and its surroundings. This link, so distant and yet so close, is like a story of eternal love.

Downtown Agen (47000) at 1 Rue des Cornières
Agen city centre at the Rue des Cornières.

The Gallo-Roman era rivals the 21st century

Gallo-Roman remains flirt with the Middle Ages. In the Rue des Cornières, the clothmakers deployed their stalls sheltered from the rain under these arcades. The Seneschal’s house with its beautiful stone façade still looks great! The chapel of Notre-Dame du Bourg called “the Chapel of Death” undoubtedly hides a few more secrets. The Cathedral of Saint-Caprais d’Agen and its Gothic ship, are shrouded in a dark history of martyrdom. It was built in the 6th century, destroyed and completed in 1508.

Walking through history is captivating. The city of Agen and its territory have captured children’s imaginations by offering enigmas and drawings along the way. Accompanied by a guide, they wander through the narrow streets of this pretty town, crystallizing their memories, like explorers of time. Monflanquin in the country of the bastides is one of the most beautiful villages in France. Its “Espace Game” and the “13th game” invite you to discover the treasure of this village. The 21st century combines the past with the future.

Exterior facade of the Fine Arts Museum of Agen
Musée des Beaux-arts, Agen Museum of Fine Arts

Why not continue this journey at the Museum of Fine Arts, or the Canal Bridge?

To make the history of France more enjoyable on holiday than at school, the Musée des Beaux-arts, founded in 1876, organises the game of deduction with the Danse Macabre. Shivering with pleasure with the family, this is a great idea that you can’t forget! Isn’t sailing on the Pont Canal Agen, a canal bridge, an even more picturesque fantasy? This masterpiece by Jean-Baptiste Le Baudre, elegantly spans the banks of the Garonne. The little walker dreams of a very wise navigation.

Agen and its surroundings, nicknamed the little French Tuscany!

This charming French region inspires Stendhal by comparing it to French Tuscany. Groves, orchards and colourful embroideries line the many rivers and streams. This bucolic, tangy note with soft curves charms tourists. The southern climate brings a summery touch to this country, enchantment is everywhere. Joie de vivre and the pleasures of the senses are in unison.

Why not enjoy a few days of family holidays in Lot-et-Garonne?

Recharge your batteries near the Garonne, visit a few castles, the heritage of this region will amaze young and old alike. The Le parc of Passeligne and its Trotte Lapin introduces this young generation to respect for nature by raising awareness of our environment. The awakening of the senses is then sharpened by listening to the rustling of leaves, whistling birds and the excitement of the foraging bees.

For the budding “Indiana Joneses”, the Happy Forest is dedicated to them. Adrenalin and strong emotions are present throughout the 14 routes. Tyrolean traverse, skateboarding, kayaking, laser game outdoor make this park special. This park, wooded with old hundred-year-old oaks, is the perfect place for adventure. The Walibi parc in this beautiful region of Aquitaine is a showcase with numerous attractions. Great sensations guaranteed for the most daring. Or, for the little ones, the Coccinelles merry-go-round is more family-oriented and less risky for the pretty blond heads. If your happiness is not satisfied and a water park tempts the whole family, Aqualand Agen assuages this impulse.

Where to stay around Agen with kids ?

Les villages-vacances sont une formule familiale très appréciée. En retrait des villes, ils offrent le calme, la sérénité et la sécurité par leurs structures adaptées à toute la famille. Ces village-vacances s’harmonisent à la région respectant les traditions vernaculaires. La famille se rassemble dans ce cocon intime. Cet hébergement leur est dédié, libérant les parents de leurs contraintes familiales quotidiennes. Les enfants sont divertis par les nombreuses activités et encadrés par un personnel qualifié. 

What are the activities in the holiday villages?

Holiday villages are a much appreciated family formula. Set back from the cities, they offer calm, serenity and security with structures adapted to the whole family. These holiday villages are in harmony with the region and respect the vernacular traditions. The family gathers in this intimate cocoon. This accommodation is dedicated to them, freeing parents from their daily family constraints. The children are entertained by the numerous activities and supervised by qualified staff.

Where to find the holiday villages around Agen!

You will find in the Agen surrondings different holiday clubs. For example, the site offers a club in Monflanquin, in a village listed as “France’s most beautiful village”, where families can choose their house or flat in a rural setting. They benefit from half-board and wifi within the accommodation. Disabled access is provided, pets are allowed. A swimming pool heated to 25° from April to November allows you to take advantage of all this infrastructure until the end of the season. A paddling pool and a solarium in a park are at the disposal of the holidaymaker. This residence is the closest to Agen for a distance of 37 km.

The communes of Mauroux and Lacapelle Biron offer its holiday villages 45 km away from the beautiful city of Agen. A little further away from our starting point the villages of Prayssac and Mirepoix offer you the opportunity to enjoy their holiday villages at a greater distance.

Holidays are precious for the well-being they provide. So choosing the right holiday resort that meets everyone’s wishes is not easy! Agen radiates by its gentle way of life, its sunshine, its friendliness and its historical heritage. Recharged and happy with this escapade, you promise to return to this pretty French Tuscany dear to the heart of Stendhal!