Holidays and fly fishing in the fabulous Pays d’Albret


L’Albret enjoys a good fishing network. For family or sport fishing, our ponds and rivers are just waiting for fishermen.

So discover without further delay, the good fly-fishing spots for a successful stay in the Lot et Garonne.

L’Albret is above all known and recognised for its typical south-western terroir and its gastronomy. So you can understand why the locals are considered bon vivants.

Don’t forget your fly rod during the holidays.

Bathed between the Baïse and the Garonne rivers, or the red sandstone of the Buzet vineyard, not forgetting of course the greenery of the pine forests and fruit trees. L’Albret offers different landscapes from one corner to another.

The diversity of streams and water bodies present in l’Albret, but also in the rest of the department. Allows everyone to find the course(s) corresponding to your expectations in terms of species, fishing techniques, or landscapes.

What fish to catch in Lot-et-Garonne?

For almost all species (trout, carp, carp, white fish…), the department offers magnificent courses.

For family fishing, chub and trout will delight budding anglers. Surely, the hits will not be long in coming and your children will be able to make giant strides in the handling of a fly rod.

Yes, you are a sporty and passionate fisherman. The Albret is full of magnificent fish that will give you thread (or rather silk) to twist.

Slip your most powerful fly rod into the boot of your car, well wedged between your suitcases. Huge carps haunt the waters of the country (but apparently shush, it’s a well-kept secret).

The best way to approach the beautiful communes or mirrors which are marauding, is to privilege the corners where passers-by feed the ducks with bits of bread.

Then, all you have to do is try your luck with a fly, imitating a piece of bread or streamers in the shape of small shrimps. Attention adrenaline rush guaranteed.

The carnivores are not to be outdone either. Perch, pike-perch, pike-perch, pike-perch and catfish will be caught by your prettiest mounts. But the real king of the department remains the black-bass.

Where to fish in Albret? Discover the different fishing spots

Rivers L’osse et la Gélisse

The first is a second category river, which flows not far from the town of Nérac. Before flowing into the Gélisse. Releases of rainbow trout and farios from fish farms are often carried out.

It is the ideal place to fish with your children and enjoy fish that are not yet wary. The best place to whip fish is from the bridge of Lannes to the bridge of the road to Mézin.

The Gélisse is a tributary of the Baïse. Carp fishing is renowned, with its night fishing route located between Mézin and the Courbiac mill. It is very appreciated by carpanglers. It must be said that the common and mirror carps are of consequent size.

L’Auvignon petit et grand

Like the river l’Osse, trout spills are frequent (about 3 times a week outside flood periods). But don’t hesitate to take imitations of flying ants at the end of your fly rod to track the numerous chub marauding along the wooded banks.

The best fishing spots are :

  • The bottom of the lake of Lambronne at the old road of Agen for the petit Auvignon
  • The road from Ligardes to the left at the Sansan silos, as far as Nondieu for the Grand Auvignon.
  • For the Auvignon, from the mill of Berguefave to the village of Bruch

River Baïse and its tributaries

This splendid river has a strong character for the Albret. Indeed, it has greatly favoured the economic development of the area.

From a piscicultural point of view, the river offers many different species. Let’s go, from the minnow to the roach and the carp for the white fish. Carnivorous level, the choice is yours.

Pike-perch, pike-perch and some black-bass are waiting hidden in their lair for your fly or streamer to pass by.

Take advantage of the historic capital of Albret for a game of urban fishing. It is often difficult to reconcile family holidays and fishing.

The banks of the Baïse river in Nérac.
The river Baïse in Nérac

The city of Nérac, offers you the possibility to let your family visit the picturesque charm of the old royal city. While you walk along the banks with a cane in your hands.

Le lac de Lambronne

Very close to Lamontjoie, the 15-hectare Lambronne pond allows you to stroll in a natural setting. It is an excellent place to digest after a good traditional gastronomic dish.

Take the opportunity to observe the numerous wild species that the site is home to, such as the grey heron or the crested grebe.

Halieutically speaking, several species of fish coexist:

  • Carp, roach.
  • Walleye, pike, perch, black-bass.

For fly-fishing black-bass. The lake has no hiding place on the edge. In order not to waste time in prospecting. Favour streamers for fast fishing.

Lac des MARAIS 

In the commune of Bruch-Montesquieu, come and fish for rainbow trout with your family on the lake. The clean and uncluttered banks make it easy to learn how to fly-fish. This is an opportunity to come and perfect your whip cast while catching fish.

The lake is also home to a beautiful population of black-bass spilled to regulate the invasion of catfish. Fishing with small imitation frog poppers gives excellent results. Just like the streamers of about 10 cm black colour. This last one awakens the black-bass greediness.

Pay attention to the special regulations of the marsh lake. I strongly invite you to get in touch with the fishing federation of the department in order to respect the fishing rights.