Our travel guide to visit Lamontjoie


Charming and historic, the commune of Lamontjoie is located in the department of Lot-et-Garonne (New-Aquitaine). Are you passing through the region? Do you love history and stone houses? Come and visit Lamontjoie!

What to do in Lamontjoie?

In Lamontjoie, visit historical monuments, eat in excellent restaurants and discover the local culture. Also, take advantage of our trails and lakes to be close to nature.

The Saint-Louis church, a must see!

The Saint-Louis church was built in 1298 by the seneschal of Agenais. Philippe le Bel approved its construction in 1299. It is customary for him to have donated the relics of Saint-Louis to this church. It was rebuilt and fitted out the following century. And under the aegis of Jean-Aimé de Levezou de Vesins, in the middle of the 19th century, the vaults of the nave are built. One of them contains the bishop’s coat of arms. In addition, this Gothic church contains a splendid altarpiece, classified as a historical monument.

Have you visited the Saint-Louis church? In the same style, but older, come and see the one in La Plagne.

Saint-Louis and Marie de Lamontjoie Church
Saint-Louis Church and Lamontjoie town hall – Jacques MOSSOT (CC BY-SA 4.0)

The church of La Plagne, another visit not to be missed

This church was built before that of Saint-Louis. The inhabitants of Lamontjoie used to pray there until the construction of the Saint-Louis church. This place of worship dates back to the year 1000. The church of La Plagne contains materials that belonged to Gallo-Roman dwellings.

After exploring these two churches, go to Nomdieu.

Nomdieu, a town as interesting as the previous ones.

Nomdieu will dazzle you, as soon as you set foot in it. Indeed, his church is magnificent and his bell tower so distinctive. At the beginning of the village, the coat of arms will put you in the right mood. You will also find a sundial that indicates the time to the minute.

You now know the historical places. Now it’s time for fishing and peace and quiet.

Lake Lamontjoie, an unmissable destination for fishing enthusiasts.

Lake Lamontjoie is full of fish. You can fish for trout, pike, perch, pike-perch, pike-perch, pike-perch, roach and carp. And if you don’t fish, take a walk! This corner, in the middle of nature, is extremely quiet.

Breathtaking panoramas

The panoramas of Lamontjoie are impressive. Come and contemplate the fields that stretch as far as the eye can see. Also, walk and watch the streams slaloming between the stone houses.

And these landscapes are idyllic for taking pictures!

Do you want even more nature? Lamontjoie has magnificent hiking trails.

Magnificent hikes for everyone

Hiking trails are available in Lamontjoie. And there is something for all levels. Even for the less sporty! Take a walk and admire the sunflowers.

Do you want to fill your lungs with fresh air and stroll through dazzling scenery? Take a walk in Lamontjoie!

All you need to do is visit the producers.

Unforgettable visits to the region’s producers

Visit the producers of Lamontjoie and immerse yourself in the local culture.

In the mood for cheese? Go and meet the farmers and breeders.

Are you in the wine business? Pay a visit to the many wine growers.

Do you prefer fruit? Go and see the producers.

To make the most of your visit to Lamontjoie, come at the right time.

When to travel to Lamontjoie?

Do you want to enjoy your stay? Choose the right period for your visit. To live the experience to the fullest (visits, fishing, hiking…), come when it’s hot. That is to say, between June and September. You will enjoy local products and flowery landscapes.


There is something for every taste and every budget. You can choose between campsites, hotels, estates and guest rooms.

Here are the main places to spend the night in Lamontjoie :

  • the Pelissery bed and breakfast ;
  • the Comfort Hotel Agen le Passage ;
  • the Aubiac workshop;
  • the domain of Cavailla ;
  • the small estate of Colayrac ;
  • the guest rooms of La Treille ;
  • the Campanile hotel in Agen ;
  • the guest rooms of Laloubin ;
  • the campsite of Saint-Louis.

And to eat in Lamontjoie, nothing could be simpler. We give you the best addresses right afterwards.

Where to eat in Lamontjoie?

It’s time to eat! The commune of Lamontjoie has different shops. You can have a good time with friends, eat with your lover or have lunch with your family.

To eat local dishes in a wonderful setting, book your table at Les Terrasses du lac de Lamontjoie.

To taste local dishes, and near the Saint-Louis church, go and eat at the Table de la Bastide.

Do you want a more convivial atmosphere? Head for the Rest’O’Bières.

In the next section, you will be told how to get to Lamontjoie.

How to get to Lamontjoie?

Now that you know all the nooks and crannies of the region, you have to come.

Here are the main routes to get to Lamontjoie :

  • 20 minutes from Nérac via the D131 ;
  • 24 minutes from Agen via the D931 ;
  • 8 minutes from Pouy-Roquelaure via the D528 ;