Our travel guide to visit Andiran


A small village in Lot-et-Garonne, Andiran offers a magnificent panorama of the Landes forest. If you are passing through Gascony, Andiran and its surroundings are a great place to stop and discover the region. Tourism in Andiran, what are the tourist activities?

Tourism Andiran : what to do ?

Commune of the south-west of France, Andiran is a small village of 220 inhabitants.

Given its limited size, so is its cultural heritage. However, its surroundings are full of history and towns to visit.

Discover Nérac, the capital of the Pays d’Albret

Nérac is the main town of the Pays d’Albret and is a must during your stay in Gascony.

There you can:

  • discover the royal castle (which is also a museum) Henri IV: several centuries ago, this castle became the seat of the Albret family when they were at the head of the kingdom of Navarre.
  • take a river cruise on the Baïse on board a gabare, an authentic boat from the region. You will discover prestigious monuments that bear witness to a bygone era.
  • walk in the footsteps of emblematic figures: Henri IV, Michel Polnareff, Haussmann

This historic city is a great destination if you decide to spend a few days in Andiran.

Go to Mézin to visit the Cork Museum

The second city not to be missed during your tourism session in Andiran: Mézin and its cork museum.

This museum, certified “Musée de France”, is an integral part of the cultural heritage of the Pays d’Albret, land of cork. This place is the perfect opportunity to take a leap back in time.

During your sightseeing visit to Mézin, you can also visit the Church of Saint John the Baptist of Mézin. This historical monument is the foundation of the city. It is from this building, built in the 11th century, that the Garonne commune developed.

Another monument to see: the Tauziète bridge which links Mézin to Nérac. This 3-arch bridge was rebuilt in 1628 and is one of the remarkable monuments of the Pays d’Albret.

Barbaste and its mill

Gateway to the moors, Barbaste is, like Nérac and Mézin, a typical town in Gascony. Visitable for a day or an afternoon (depending on the weather), this town is best known for its Romanesque bridge and its mill.

If you wish to visit Andiran and more generally the Pays d’Albret, Barbaste should be included in your list of places to visit.

Its mill, officially classified as a historical monument, is a jewel of the Middle Ages. Nicknamed “Moulin Henri IV” or “Moulin des 4 tours”, this 13th century building is visited by several thousand tourists every year.

In the past, this mill served as a stopover for King Henri IV during his hunting parties. Today, it is possible to visit the museum and walk in its footsteps.

When to travel to Andiran?

If you want to visit Andiran and the Albret region, you should know that the number of visitors is much higher in summer.

In order to be able to discover the Lot-et-Garonne in peace and quiet without being bothered by hordes of tourists, we advise you to travel between April and June, outside school holidays.

At this time of the year, the climate is pleasant and visits can be made in peace and quiet. The perfect opportunity to discover Gascony in the best conditions.


In Andiran you will not find any establishments to spend your stay in.

Just a few hundred metres from the village is the Moulin de l’Estanque. Between a farm and a gîte, this atypical place offers you a total immersion in the Garonne countryside. You are welcome to come and visit? A forest breeding of mangalica pigs! If you are looking to cut yourself off from the world, Le Moulin de l’Estanque is the perfect place.

A little further north-west of Andiran, the Auberge des contes d’Albret has 2 rooms for rent where you can spend the night. Here you can sample local specialities before setting off to explore the region.

Alternatively, in the surrounding towns and villages, you can find hotels and bed and breakfasts that perfectly match your needs.

In Nérac, the choice is relatively wide, you can opt for :

  • Hotel Henri IV
  • L’Albret CHR (Café-Hotel-Restaurant)
  • The gîtes de la Garenne
  • The Cauderoue Castle
  • The numerous guest rooms available
  • Some AirBnBs

In Barbaste you can choose between :

  • The “Moulin des Tours” guest room
  • The Golf Resort area
  • The bastides of the Golf of Albret

Where to eat in Andiran?

In Andiran, it is difficult to find a restaurant to eat in. The two nearest addresses are less than 5 km from the town.

The inn ”Les Contes d’Albret” offers, in addition to its host service, a table service. This family restaurant offers delicious local products in a unique bucolic setting.

The “Auberge des Sept Princes” is located slightly further away. There you will be served hearty and refined dishes. For those who wish, the hostel also prepares pizzas.

How to get to Andiran?

Only one county road passes through the small town of Andiran.

Whether you arrive from Nérac or Agen, you will have to take the D656 to get to the village.