7 leisure activities to do in Lot-et-Garonne with your family


Situated in the region of New Aquitaine, Lot-et-Garonne is one of the French regions with treasures to be discovered with the family. Animals to impress the children, fun activities to relax, spaces to enjoy a good time… this place really has everything to seduce young and old alike. To complete your stay, here are some activities not to be missed during your family stay in Lot-et-Garonne.

Discover the circus on the water in Agen

The water circus in Agen is mainly made to impress children (and also adults). For toddlers, watching a circus is a moment of joy and pleasure. You will be entitled to 2 hours of shows. During these 2 hours, admire the exceptional knowledge of these characters with their colourful costumes on a 60,000-litre pool of water and water fountains. Thanks to the heels of these professionals, you will be able to go around the world in just a few hours. Admire the magical world of the great artists as well as the animal acts. Just remember to organise the trip in groups so you don’t miss the show.

Contemplate the tourist train of the Albert country

Are your children passionate about travel and discovery? If so, to satisfy them, why not take a ride on a little tourist train? In fact, this is one of the activities that sets this region apart. With the help of a tourist little train from the Albert country, your loulous can travel on a railway line of about 14 kilometres. During 2 hours, your children will discover the beauty of the landscape of the Albert country, the rivers as well as the castles of viaducts. An experience not to be missed to live an irreproachable moment. This activity is for the whole family, young and old alike.

Cycling along the Canal des Deux Mers

The main strength of this destination lies in the activities that can be carried out. Small or large, everyone can have a pleasant stay in Lot-et-Garonne. Whatever your taste and your passions. You will always be able to find what suits you. If you like cycling, enjoy a bike ride on the Canal des Deux Mers. The ride is 87 km long and can be done on foot or by bike. You are free to choose your section. Whichever destination you choose, you will come across restaurants, accommodation, the tourist office and the greenways.

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Fishing in a lake or river

Do you like fishing? The Lot-et-Garonne is made for you! Whether you are a beginner or a professional, don’t miss fishing in one of the lakes or rivers in this emblematic region. There are many places where you can do this activity. You can go to the Lamontjoie lake, the 3 oaks lake, the Lambronne lake, the Marais lake and the Baïse river. Just prepare your equipment and get started on this great adventure!

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Admire the preserved architecture of Monflanquin

Among the must-see places you should visit during your stay is the town of Monflanquin. During your visit, let yourself be seduced by the beauty of its old houses, the arcaded market place and the church of Saint-André dating from the 13th century. To learn more about the history of this department, visit the Bastides museum. Climb up to Cap del Pech to admire the view of the landscape and the Lède valley. A perfect visit for the whole family. Small or large, everyone can enjoy a moment of joy and relaxation in this place.

Strolling in the centre of Pujols-le-Haut

What would your stay be like without visiting the village Pujols-le-Haut? Victim of the Albigensian war, this village has been completely rebuilt. Today, it has become an undeniable place for tourists who wish to enjoy a calm and soothing atmosphere. Discover the old churches, admire the half-timbered houses, stroll through the pebble-paved alleys… enjoy the atypical side of this most beautiful medieval village in France. If you wish, you can spend the night in this village. There is a good number of comfortable and competitively priced accommodation available.

Take a night stroll in Villeréal

Main facade of the Notre-Dame de Villeréal Church
Notre-Dame de Villeréal Church

After many discoveries, why not end your day with a walk in Villeréal? This town is distinguished by the fact that it is one of the places that has managed to keep its old architecture. As proof, the commercial activity of the bastide still occupies the market square. In addition, the church retains its Gothic buttress architecture. The Saturday market is also an event not to be missed to savour the local tradition.